MOD Beverage Inc.

Who Are We?

Spectrum Beer Co. is a gateway craft beer project from Vancouver, B.C., for people who don’t think they like craft beer. If you’re looking for the hoppy, bitter IPAs or the malty lagers, you might want to look somewhere else.

We think there’s something for everyone in beer, so we’re focusing on fruitier flavours, lighter body profiles and experimental takes on classic beer styles that’ll appeal to wine and cocktail drinkers – but will still appeal to the beer lover, too.

Our Line Up

Sour Pack

5% abv | IBU

The perfect combination of our two favourite Spectrum sours; Hot Pink Lemonade Sour and Margarita Gose; and two NEW, bright, refreshing fruit forward sours, Fuzzy Peach Sour and Cherry Blast Sour. This mix pack is sure to tantalize every taste bud!

Cherry Blast Sour

5.0% abv | 20 IBU

Brewed with the nostaligic candy in mind, Cherry Blast Sour is bright, refreshing and fruit forward. The tart cherry flavour is the perfect summer sunset beverage.

Fuzzy Peach Sour

5.0% abv | 20 IBU

Perfect to satisfy your craving for a cold slushy Bellini. Fuzzy Peach Sour is a fruit forward, slighty sour beer, with the perfect balance of peach and sweet.

Limited Release

Chocolate Milkshake Ale

5.0% abv | 20 IBU

Milkshake time again! This velvety smooth ale with a delicious milk chocolate aroma will immediately take you back. This creamy treat is the perfect treat for you chocolate and beer lovers out there. Perfect for sharing, one straw or two?

Limited Release

Birthday Cake

5.0% abv | 20 IBU

Everyday is someone’s birthday, so celebrate with them the right way: with BEER! This light, smooth, creamy ale smells and tastes just like a sprinkle topped Birthday Cake. Enjoy!

Irish Cream & Coffee Ale

5.0% abv | 20 IBU

Love an Irish cream liqueur in ice by the fire? Now you can have it in a can! This light ale is smooth, creamy, and delicate on the palate. Perfect for cool autumn afternoons.

Margarita Gose

5.0% abv | 20 IBU

All the refreshing flavour of a classic margarita, without the nasty rum hangover. Brewed with fresh lime juice, salt and a little Belgian candied suSpectrum’s latest seasonal has all the refreshing favour of a classic margarita.

Brewed with fresh lime juice, salt and a little Belgian candied sugar, Margarita Gose is light, crisp and refreshing enough to remind you that, oh yeah, it’s time to book another vacation!

Hot Pink Lemonade

5.0% abv | 8 IBU

A light and refreshing introduction to sour beer. The Lemondrop hops and fresh lemons provide a delicious tartness that’s balanced by the addition of fresh raspberry juice.

Melon Haze

5.0% abv | 20 IBU

An approachable take on the popular NEIPA style, with a lower ABV and bitterness. The pillowy body and the huell melon hops provide this beer with a juicy honeydew and melon profile.

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