MOD Beverage Inc.

Who Are We?

Spectrum Beer Co. is a gateway craft beer project from Vancouver, B.C., for people who think they don’t like beer. If you’re looking for the hoppy, bitter IPAs or the malty lagers, you should look elsewhere. Or don’t. There’s something for you, too.

We think there’s some kind of for everyone, so we’re focusing on fruitier flavours, lighter body profiles and experimental takes on classic beer styles that’ll appeal to wine and cocktail drinkers, all while still appealing to the beer lovers, too.

Our Beers

  • Core Beers
  • Mix Packs
  • Seasonal / Limited

Cranberry Sour

Box of Chocolates

Barista Box

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Green Apple Sour

Margarita Machine

*NEW* Sour Pack

Birthday Cake

Strawberry Ice Cream Pale Ale

Hot Pink Lemonade

Margarita Gose

White Chocolate Stout

Melon Haze

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